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Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts in Sync w ith Local Development

(April 28th, 2019 - Sanya, China) Atlantis Sanya, FOSUN Foundation and the China Population Welfare Foundation(CPWF) jointly pledged their support for the Rural Doctors Program at the Atlantis Sanya Charity Gala Dinner incelebration of the resort’s first year anniversary on 28th April. The Atlantis Sanya Corporate Social ResponsibilityProgram was met with resounding support. The inaugural charity gala dinner was attended by VIP guests including Mr. Chen Tiejun, Deputy Mayor, DeputyParty Secretary and member of Standing Committee of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee, Mr. Zhao Benzhi,Deputy Secretary of the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF), Mr. Qian Jiannong, Chairman, ExecutiveDirector and CEO of FOSUN Tourism & Commercial Group and Global partner of FOSUN, Mr. Zhu Wenkui, Directorof FOSUN International and FOSUN Senior Assistant President, Mr. Heiko Schreiner, Managing Director of AtlantisSanya, Ms. Wang Huibo, Project Director of Rural Doctors Program and her site personnel, and key representativesfrom working partners of Atlantis Sanya. “In the past year, Atlantis Sanya has injected dynamism and excitement to Sanya with its exceptional facilities andimmense popularity. It has introduced a whole new class of its own to China’s tourism scene and has made pivotalcontributions toward the developments of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone, including the establishment of our freetrade port and the Hainan International Tourism and Consumption Center,” said Mr. Chen Tiejun, Deputy Mayor,Deputy Party Secretary and member of Standing Committee of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee, as headdressed the audience at the charity gala. Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of FOSUN Tourism & Commercial Group Mr. Qian Jiannong echoed thissentiment. “Since its opening in April 2018, Atlantis Sanya has posted operational revenue of RMB750 million as atthe end of last year. We achieved RMB150 million in revenue within the 16-day period of 2019 Spring Festival alone,testifying to the strong branding prowess of Atlantis and synergistic effects of our distinctive FOLIDAY ecosystem at

    the same time.” As the first Atlantis landmark in China and Asia Pacific, Atlantis Sanya has exuded unique charisma with its variety ofhotels, Aquaventure Waterpark, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, extensive MICE facilities, wide array of dining options,entertainment attractions and shopping belts. Attracting visitors of all age groups with a multitude of hit products,Atlantis Sanya has not only managed a stellar performance but has also garnered numerous accolades and awards.Managing Director of Atlantis Sanya Mr. Heiko Schreiner attributed these outstanding achievements to the supportfrom the resort’s working partners. He expressed that “the overwhelming support from our partners and thecommunity is a pillar fundamental to all of our glorious achievements. We firmly believe that Atlantis Sanya willcontinue to be an ‘iconic tourism hotspot’ in Sanya throughout the course of 2019.” In appreciation of partneringinstitutions, a number of awards were presented at the gala event including Best Strategic Partner, Best MICE Partnerand Outstanding Overall Contribution. Apart from being a night of celebrations and appreciation, the charity gala was also marked the expansion of theRural Doctors Program. Mr. Zhao Benzhi, Deputy Secretary of the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF), Mr.Qian Jiannong and Mr. Zhu Wenkui jointly announced plans to designate another 12 national impoverished countiesin addition to the existing 37 sites, bolstering efforts to gradually lift those in need of aid out of poverty through theRural Doctors Program. The auction, which was the highlight of the gala dinner, featured six artworks donated by organizations under theFOSUN brand such as FOSUN Foundation, FOSUN Pictures and Laomiao Group. The charity auction witnessed fiercebiddings for art pieces from the Yayoi Kusama art exhibition, theAppearance of Crosses 2015 - 09 by renownedabstract printmaker Ding Yi, the oil painting Still Life by contemporary easel master Huang Azhong, crystal creationstitled“Sea Motion” by LASVIT and invites to the movie premiere ofGemini Man directed by critically acclaimeddirector Ang Lee. After several rounds of intense bidding for the eight collectors’ items, a total of RMB155,894 wasraised during the live auction, while other guests collectively donated more than RMB 100,000. All donations raisedwill be used for the Rural Doctors Program. 

    Following the guidance of the National Health Commission, FOSUN Foundation launched the Rural Doctors Programin December 2017. The Program is dedicated to serving the 1.5 million doctors in rural China and aims to retainthem as well as improve the capacity and accessibility of health care and related services in rural China. It will directlycontribute to the implementation of national strategies on poverty alleviation and rural development throughprotecting, enabling and empowering rural doctors. The Program plans to operate regular training workshopsfacilitated by on-site volunteers and boost the capacity of doctors in remote and rural areas in China. It is projectedthat the program will cover 30,000 rural doctors in 100 national impoverished counties and benefit over 30 millionpeople in remote and rural China by the end of 2020. To promote the Rural Doctors Program amongst the youngergeneration, FOSUN also launched a public welfare travel program that allows children from urban areas to assist therural doctors in poverty stricken areas. Through their interactions with children from those areas, they will also beable to provide analysis of the current medical conditions as well as put forward suggestions for improvement. Taking part in poverty relief efforts is more than a simple act of philanthropy - it is also a form of social responsibility.As a flagship project for the Sanya Tourism 3.0 initiative, Atlantis Sanya is fully committed to performing its socialresponsibilities and endeavors to facilitate developments for the progress and wellness of local communities, inorder to live up to the accolades that the resort has been humbly honored with. At the end of the charity auction,Mr. Heiko, Mr. Qian Jiannong, Mr. Zhu Wenkui and Mr. Zhao Benzhi co-announced the cooperation between AtlantisSanya and the CPWF to officially launch the Rural Doctors Donation Drive - beginning April 28, 2019, all visitors andresort guests of Atlantis Sanya may voluntarily donate CNY 5.17 (phonetically resembling “We Together” in Mandarin)during their visit. All donation proceeds will go to poverty reduction efforts for a better tomorrow in the RuralDoctors Program. “The Rural Doctors Program is a 10-year plan focusing on poverty relief efforts. We are now in the second year ofthis project and the response has been extremely heartwarming. The participation of Atlantis Sanya and its guests isvery much welcome and together as one, we are extremely hopeful that the Program will attain even more desirableresults in building a healthy community alleviated from poverty,” expressed Mr. Li Haifeng, Chairman of FOSUNFoundation and Senior Vice President of FOSUN International. 

    While the charity gala dinner might have drawn to a close, efforts to support the Rural Doctors Program will continueat Atlantis Sanya. Guests and visitors can easily support the Rural Doctors Donation Drive by scanning the QR code below. 

About Atlantis Sanya

Owned by FOSUN Tourism and managed by Kerzner International, Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere underwater world inspired integrated entertainment resort located in Haitang Bay, Sanya of Hainan province. This RMB11 billion ocean-themed development occupies a space of 540,000 square meters and has 1,314 guestrooms and suites. It features a variety of marine and entertainment attractions, including the 200,000-square meter Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium that uses more than 17.5 million liters of sea water. It also has an 1,800-seater theatre at Dolphin Cay, state-of-the-art marine protection and conservation facilities and a Sea Lion Point. The resort also offers a wide range of dining options with 21 restaurants, lounges, bars and cafes. From 2016, Atlantis Sanya has won a number of awards, including China’s Leading New Resort and Asia’s Leading New Resort awarded by the World Travel Awards™ - hailed as the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”, the Leading Edge Award conferred by the World Waterpark Association and The Best Landmark Resort Brand awarded by City Traveler. China Tourism Bureau had also selected the resort as an outstanding and preferred travel project. Just recently, the resort was awarded Most Popular MICE Destination through online voting by Huixiaoer.com. Atlantis Sanya also received four prestigious Golden Horse Awards including Asia’s Best Entertainment Destination Resort, Asia’s Best MICE Destination Resort, Asia’s Best Restaurant - Ossiano Underwater Restaurant and Bar, and China’s Best Employer. For further information about Atlantis please visit www.atlantissanya.com.