Hainan Sanya,

The Second Anniversary of Atlantis Sanya and the Sea Turtle Rescue and Release Campaign


April 28, 2020 - Sanya, Hainan On April 28, the second anniversary of the official launch of Atlantis Sanya, Atlantis Sanya organized the “Turtle Returning Home Program” held at the resort’s beachfront. The two sea turtles who were rescued and restored to health were released at the event. Atlantis Sanya Managing Director Mr. Heiko Schreiner, Sanya Haitang District Government Deputy Investigator & Researcher Mr. Yang Qing'an and others attended the event.

As the first Atlantis in the Pacific Rim, in addition to offering eight major types of tourism products suitable for travelers of all ages and being awarded many hospitality industry honors, the resort also runs a professional marine mammal hospital with professional facilities and responsibilities of marine animal quarantine and water quality monitoring in the resort. At the same time, as a member of Hainan Provincial Aquatic Wildlife Rescue Station, Atlantis Sanya actively participates in the conservation and rescue operations of offshore marine life and has rescued many sea turtles. On February 11, 2020, Atlantis Sanya received a notice from local authorities that a green sea turtle (Class II protected species in China) was stranded at Luhuitou Beach with an obtrusive injury on the back of its neck caused by a fishing spear. External injuries were also evident around the beak areas of the rescued animal. Atlantis Sanya sent a professional marine biology team immediately to provide emergency medical assistance to the injured sea turtle. After a thorough examination and diagnosis of the sea turtle, the team decided to perform an operation on the turtle and remove the spear and two more fish hooks which were found in the X-ray examination. After continuous medical treatment, wound disinfection, nutritional support, restorative training and other care and rehabilitation treatment, the injured sea turtle has recovered its motor functions, exercise abilities and has reached optimal physical fitness.

三亚市海棠区政府副调研员 杨青安

Sanya Haitang District Government Deputy Investigator & Researcher Mr. Yang Qing'an

Mr. Yang Qing'an, Deputy Investigator& Researcher of the Haitang District Government of Sanya City, said at the event: "The ocean is an important part of the global life support and ecosystem. Respecting the ocean, caring for the ocean, and actively organizing and carrying out marine life and ecological environmental protection activities are our obligations. The sea turtle rescue and release activity held at Atlantis Sanya is not only a caring activity, but can also drive more people to have a deeper understanding of the ocean, and also to love the ocean, and truly become a protector of the ocean. Let us all become the messengers of the environment and the public welfare activities for the protection of sea turtles, and let’s all make an effort for the blue land management and protection. "

三亚·亚特兰蒂斯董事总经理 海科

Mr. Heiko Schreiner, Managing Director of Atlantis Sanya

Atlantis Sanya has always been and will always be committed to caring for and protecting wild marine animals. We strictly follow all international zoological regulations, including possessing all Chinese national animal activity licenses and the observing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) permits. On top of that, Atlantis Sanya adheres to the rescue concept for active protection of animal welfare, and actively shoulders the responsibility of protecting the ocean and marine species diversity.

Mr. Heiko Schreiner, Managing Director of Atlantis Sanya, said at the event: "We provide timely assistance to the marine lives in need of help to recover. The Ambassador Lagoon, with a storage capacity of13.5 million litres of seawater in the resort, is an open-air environment that provides high-quality recovery & rehabilitation place for the treated animals. After they return to normal physical condition, we will put them back to the sea. We will continue to practice the concept of marine life protection and make sure marine life protection is a long-term commitment of Atlantis Sanya.”


海龟放归活动现场 海龟放归活动现场

The Sea Turtle Release

Atlantis Sanya, invested by Fosun Tourism Group headquartered in Shanghai, officially kicked off on April 28, 2018. Atlantis Sanya seized on major historical opportunities such as the construction of a pilot free trade zone in Hainan and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. It also took the opportunity of the construction of an international tourism consumption center in order to advance the supply-side structural reform. Atlantis Sanya has continuously enriched its own tourism products and received widespread attention from all segments of society, it has also achieved a strong performance since its opening. In 2019, Atlantis Sanya had attracted 5.2 million visitors with a turnover of CNY1.31 billion. Mr. Qian Jiannong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fosun Tourism Group, said, “2020 is the first year of the Hainan Free Trade Port construction, and the development opportunities ushered in by Hainan’s transformation are unprecedented. For enterprises, this is also a rare opportunity for development and innovation. As a benchmark project of Sanya tourism, Atlantis Sanya will closely follow the construction process of the free trade port, play a leading role in the hospitality industry, continuously upgrade the travel experience and service quality, and promote the transformation of the tourism industry system to leisure vacation tourism, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Hainan's industrial structure ".

As an ocean-themed resort destination, Atlantis Sanya is committed to creating amazing experiences and everlasting memories, and at the same time shoulders the social responsibility of protecting the marine ecological environment. Atlantis Sanya will adhere to the core concept of caring for the ocean, constant promotion of the construction of ecological civilization, help Hainan to build a free trade pilot zone, and assist Sanya in building a world-class coastal tourism city.


About Atlantis Sanya

Owned by FOSUN Tourism and managed by Kerzner International, Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere underwater world inspired integrated entertainment resort located in Haitang Bay, Sanya of Hainan province. This RMB11 billion ocean-themed development occupies a space of 540,000 square meters and has 1,314 guestrooms and suites. It features a variety of marine and entertainment attractions, including the 200,000-square meter Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium that uses more than 17.5 million liters of sea water. It also has an 1,800-seater theatre at Dolphin Cay, state-of-the-art marine protection and conservation facilities and a Sea Lion Point. The resort also offers a wide range of dining options with 21 restaurants, lounges, bars and cafes. From 2016, Atlantis Sanya has won a number of awards, including China’s Leading New Resort and Asia’s Leading New Resort awarded by the World Travel Awards™ - hailed as the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”, the Leading Edge Award conferred by the World Waterpark Association and The Best Landmark Resort Brand awarded by City Traveler. China Tourism Bureau had also selected the resort as an outstanding and preferred travel project. Just recently, the resort was awarded Most Popular MICE Destination through online voting by Huixiaoer.com. Atlantis Sanya also received four prestigious Golden Horse Awards including Asia’s Best Entertainment Destination Resort, Asia’s Best MICE Destination Resort, Asia’s Best Restaurant - Ossiano Underwater Restaurant and Bar, and China’s Best Employer. For further information about Atlantis please visit www.atlantissanya.com.