World-Class Designers And Architects Are Creating The First Atlantis Resort In China

Top Interior Architects Jeffrey Beers International and Hirsch Bedner Associates Design The Resort With Works From Local Artists combining the natural beauty and culture of Sanya with the myth of Atlantis

Creating an entirely original entertainment destination resort an esteemed roster of internationally known architects, designers and landscapers joined together to redefine Sanya’s resort experience.

The resort’s design, a collaboration between Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) and Hirsch BednerAssociates (HBA), evokes images of the sea and immerses guests in an otherworldly experience of marine life. “Visitors will be treated to a completely immersive experience that celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of aquatic life and its source,” said Jeffrey Beers, founder of JBI. The resort also features artwork by local Chinese artists and the furnishings all over the resort are accented with Hainan province’s native hardwoods such as Zitan, Hongmu, and Jichimu. Hellmuth Obtat Kassabaum (HOK) is Atlantis Sanya’s main architect. EDSA handled the landscape design, while RAD Architecture INC designed Aquaventure waterpark.

Rising from the majestic South China Sea on tropical Hainan island, Atlantis’s first resort in China promises to take guests and visitors on an unparalleled journey into the magical depths of the ocean. From incredible marine habitats to exclusive guest rooms and suites to never-before-seen restaurants, Atlantis Sanya’s innovative design blends modern aesthetics and sea-inspired imagery with elements from Sanya’s rich culture, giving the resort the enchanting look and feel of an aquatic paradise.

“We will offer our guests an extraordinary experience that only Atlantis can deliver,” said Serge Zaalof, chief operating officer of Atlantis Resorts and Residences. “Atlantis Sanya’s unique design, which takes its inspiration from the sea, will give them precisely that—and more.”

The mystical experience starts attheGrand Lobby, where an expansive skylight made of fine glass provides natural illumination and blurs the distinction between the interior and exterior, allowing visitors to feel one with nature. Everywhere, materials such as silver leaf, polished marble, mother-of-pearl, and burnished metals glisten underthe tropical sunlight that pours into the vast open spaces.

Overhead panels cast tolooklikeoceanwavesspiraltowardthe ceiling and swirling eddies are imprinted on various materials to create a spectacle oftidal motion, a tribute to the wonders of the sea. Fresh seabreeze enters the lobbythroughgiantlayers ofglasswallpanels that open like the gills of a fish, soothing the senses.

Visitors step on an intricately designed floor where blue, gold and green Chinese marble form the image of a giant starfish. A central reflecting pool is surrounded by torqued columns that ring the atrium—a dazzling visual spectacle that pays homage to marine life.

A celebration of the seaand its mystery, the Grand Lobby’s central feature is a large-scale kinetic glass installation located above an infinity water pool that captivates as well asitinspires.Glass plays a prominent role in the hotel, including the public elevators, which are adorned by glass panels with coral motif.

Wood-carved rippling wallsline the wide and curvedhallways, giving guests the illusion of walking amidst ocean swells. Works by local Chinese artists on illuminated bronze niches dot the passagesthat connect lounges, ballrooms, and dining areas, while ocean blue stone frames the breathtaking aquatic displays that Atlantis is world-famous for.

Combining the natural beauty and culture of Sanyawith the ethos of Atlantis Resorts, the furnishings all over the resort are accented with Hainan province’s native hardwoods such as Zitan, Hongmu, and Jichimu, known for their dark hues and natural luster. Images of native Chinese lacebark elm and purplesea fan are etched on glass and bronze surfaces.

The magic of Atlantis comes to life in the luxurious Lost ChambersSuites, where guests can live, eat, and sleep amongst marine life—amesmerising experience like no other. Through floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom and bathroom, the multi-level suites offer a spectacular underwater view of the Ambassador Lagoon, the world’s largest open-air aquarium with over 86,000seacreaturesincluding sharks and rays. Marble stonework and furnishings create an atmosphere of elegance in the suites as guests enjoy the dreamlike experience of living underwater.

Accessible via private elevators, Atlantis Sanya’s high-level Imperial and Royal Suites offer stunning panoramic views of the ocean, the resort’s source of life and inspiration. Each suite has a high-ceiling grand living room with a formal dining area, a media room, and a spacious master bedroom. The bathroom with sculptural tub feature materials like white onyx and semi-precious stone, combining style and elegance in every corner.

In the guest rooms, visitors can enjoy a sleek and modern design marked by the use of natural materials such as marble and warm wood, and a color palette inspired by the ocean’s layered aqua tones. The rooms employ an open-bathroom concept, with sliding doors that allow guests to appreciate their view from a freestanding tub. On the bed’s headboard, a fabric panel with graphic embroidery depicts sea life, giving guests an image to remember as they relax their senses and go to sleep.

Atlantis Sanya’srestaurants and bars are also designed in line with Atlantis’svision of an underwater paradise on land. Plato’s Lounge and Bar has operable glass walls that open to the outdoors, and on the other side of the space, an enthralling spectacle of underwater life at The Ambassador Lagoon. Below the Grand Lobby, Poseidon’sCourtoffers a view of the vast aquarium and achieves an underwater ambiance through a reflecting pool and cascading waterfall atop a wall with a wave-like blue mosaic that evokes the movements of a giant sea creature.

Built around the myth of the Lost City of Atlantis, Atlantis Sanya is the first Atlantis resort in China. The resort, located on the Haitang Bay National Coast in Hainan province, joins the flagship Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, as well as The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences in Dubai and Atlantis, Ko Olina in Hawaii, both under construction.

To celebrate the ocean’s majesty, the resort offers a wide variety of facilities and larger-than-life experiences, from revolutionary waterplay in Aquaventure, the resort’s waterpark, and exotic marine exhibits in The Ambassador Lagoon, Atlantis’ssignature aquarium. It has 1,314 guestrooms and 154 suites that offer stunning views of the sea and underwater life.

Although Hainan is already a popular holiday destination in China, Atlantis Sanya aims to transform it into the top choice for local and international tourists. It shall cement Sanya’s position as the pinnacle of entertainment in the country by offering visitors a riveting experience they are sure to cherish forever.


About Atlantis Sanya

Owned by Fosun International and managed by Kerzner International, Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere underwater world inspired entertainment resort destination located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan province. This RMB11 billion ocean-themed development occupies a space of 540,000 square metres and has 1,314 guestrooms & suites. It features a variety of marine and entertainment attractions, including the 200,000-square metre Aquaventure Waterpark, 86,000 sea creatures in lagoons, and displays at The Lost Chambers Aquarium that use more than 13.5 million litres of sea water. It also has a 1,800-seater theatre at Dolphin Cay, state-of-the-art marine protection and conservation facilities, and a Sea Lion Point. The resort also offers a wide range of dining options with 21 restaurants, lounges, bars, and cafes. From 2016, Atlantis has won a number of awards including The Best Landmark Resort Brand awarded by City Traveler, Most Anticipated Resort in China awarded by World Traveler, Most Anticipated Hotel 2016-2017, High-End Hotel Selection & China Must Stay Hotels TOP50 awarded by Voyage, Best Anticipated Newly Opening Award of Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels awarded by The Bundand Most Anticipated New Hotel Opening by 21stCentury Business Herald. The resort is also selected as an outstanding and preferred travel project by China Tourism Bureau. Just recently, the resort was awarded Most Popular MICE Destiantion through online voting by Huixiaoer.com. Atlantis Sanya also received four prestigious Golden Horse Awards including Asia’s Best Entertainment Destination Resort, Asia’s Best MICE Destination Resort, Asia’s Best Restaurant – Ossiano Underwater Restaurant and Bar, and China’s Best Employer.

About Jeffrey Beers International

Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) is an award-winning full-service design studio based in New York City. Combining an artist’s sense of craft and exploration with a nuanced understanding of the client’s vision, JBI’s timeless approach to design creates vibrant social spaces uniquely informed by the firm’s strong foundation in hospitality. Founded by Jeffrey Beers in 1986, JBI represents the culmination of its founder’s rich artistic and cultural background, sophisticated urban sensibilities, and exceptional design skills. The result is a dynamic and diverse company whose team consists of architects, interior designers, painters, sculptors and graphic designers in order to bring a mix of unique perspectives to every project.

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