Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Aquaventure is a water playground of over 18 million litres of water, consisting of extraordinary rides with cascades, tidal waves and rapids

  • The park has a 2.3 kilometre river ride with tidal waves and pools, water rapids and white-water chargers. It takes an impressive 45 minutes to float around the entire waterpark
  • Atlantis Aquaventure is capable of using over 790,000 litres of water per minute to create surges and waves with swells reaching almost 1 metre high
  • Atlantis Aquaventure is the only waterpark in The Middle East that offers Marine Animal Experiences including Shark Safari, a delightful walk on the bottom of the Shark Lagoon, as well as Cownose Ray Feeding, an interaction and ray feeding experience in the water.
  • The Rapids is the longest waterpark river in the Middle East. This 1.6 kilometre river adventure uses 15 million litres of fresh water to propel inner-tube riders through high-intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls that circumnavigate the lush tropical waterscape of Aquaventure
  • There are 310 Ellis and Associates trained lifeguards positioned throughout Aquaventure
  • Atlantis Aquaventure is the only waterpark in Africa and the Middle East that has 700 metres of white sand beach
  • The 17-hectare waterpark is now home to the world’s largest circumference water ride, first twin racing tube rides and the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East
  • The cost to build The Tower of Poseidon was US$ 27 million
  • The height of The Tower of Poseidon is 40 meters high
  • The Atlantean Flyers is the first zip line integrated into a waterslide tower in the world
  • Atlantis Aquaventure is home to the world’s first timed double slide within a slide experience - Slitherines and Aquaconda
  • There are 634 sunbeds available on Aquaventure beach
  • 33 private cabanas are available at Aquaventure
  • 906 single inflatable tubes and 1433 double inflatable tubes are currently available for guests at Aquaventure to float around the rapids and lazy river


  • Aquaconda is the world's largest waterslide tube for extreme careening at 9.2 metres wide and 210 metres long
  • It’s a six-person family tube ride at 25 metres tall
  • The ride has tons of twists and turns with intense vertical banking to 4.6 metres
  • It also reaches staggering speeds of up to 35 kph


  • The Slitherine duo are the first ever dual suspended body slides within a slide
  • The slide is 31 metres high and 182 metres long
  • The fibreglass in these tubes is partially transparent allowing Aquaconda and Slitherine riders to see each other as they ride past


  • The Poseidon’s Revenge is officially the most frightening waterslide in the Middle East
  • It consists of two capsules equipped with terrifying trapdoors
  • The floor of the slides suddenly drop and the riders fall 31 metres
  • Riders waiting in line witness the first five metres of the terrifying drop
  • Riders accelerate through the loop at 60kph
  • The ride is 116 metres long


  • The Atlantean Flyer is the world’s first zip line integrated into a waterslide tower
  • It’s also the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East at 500 metres
  • The zip line tower is 16-20m high with views over The Palm
  • Riders gain speed for up to 10-15 kph and it takes one-minute to experience the ride


  • Tower of Neptune to the Tower of Poseidon – 119 metres
  • Tower of Poseidon to Beach tower – 134 metres
  • Beach tower to Tower of Poseidon – 134 metres
  • Tower of Poseidon to Tower of Neptune – 110 metres


  • Zoomerango is a family ride that fits six people into one raft
  • The ride is 25 metres tall and 156 metres in length
  • The vertical wall is 14 metres high
  • Zoomerango is the most popular ride in at Poseidon Tower


  • Riders of the infamous Leap of Faith drop nine storeys in three seconds
  • The near-vertical drop is a daring 27.5 metres
  • Riders are propelled through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon
  • The Leap of Faith is Aquaventure’s lifeguards’ favourite ride to test every morning
  • You can go up to 60 kilometres per hour riding The Leap of Faith
  • The Leap of Faith and Shark Attack are the most popular rides at Neptune’s Tower
  • 600K guests take on The Leap of Faith every year


  • The Shark Attack begins 13 metres up the Ziggurat
  • The ride spins riders on one- or two-person inner tubes into the blackness of the tower’s mysterious core
  • Riders emerge through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace


  • These inner tube slides use innovative technology to create a water roller coaster propelling the rider up and down on jets of water throughout the Aquaventure waterscape


  • The Torrent is a wave river of 700 metres
  • A wave generator simulates a wave surge that is capable of swells reaching over one metre high at over 94,000 litres per minute that propels riders in their inner tubes along the course of the river on the wave crests


  • The Rapids is a 1.6 kilometre river adventure
  • 15 million litres of fresh water are used to propel inner-tube riders through the high-intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls
  • The Rapids is the longest river in the region and the only river that has multiple level rapids
  • A variety of large pools with spacious sundecks are available along the Rapids, allowing guests to easily dip in and out of the water at their leisure


  • The big bucket in Splashers contains about 1400 litres of water and pours onto anyone standing below it
  • There are eight slides in Splashers (two of which are twin slides)


  • The area is specially designed for children under 1.2M
  • There are seven thrilling body and tube water slides
  • The tube slide (Cyclone) shoots tube riders into the top of a giant bowl where they orbit high on the banked walls for lots of ‘hold-on-tight’ excitement
  • In addition to the slides, there are different water elements included such as walls, tunnels, dolphin tails, palm trees and octopus, sprinklers and starfish fountains
  • There is an enormous tipping bucket that sends over hundreds of litres of water gushing down onto those who dare stand below


  • This is a brand-new area that features a dry play structure designed in the shape of a dhow
  • There are more than six different play structures for the little ones to have fun


  • Aquaventure is the only waterpark in the middle east with a beach area
  • The beach stretch is 700 meters long and has inviting white sands where you can relax and soak up some sun