Bread Street Kitchen & Bar Celebrates The Life Of Pie With Cornish Pasty Week And British Pie Week

Cornish Pastry Week will turn the spotlight on Cornwall's favourite and most iconic food from 23rd-28th February, while a variety of sweet and savoury pies will be on offer from the 1st-7th March, 2021

The city’s celebrated contemporary British eatery will be taking diners on a journey back though time with a tribute to the traditional Cornish pasty, followed by a week dedicated to the advent of the pie. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is offering the perfect opportunity for diners to learn about all the different recipes that come with both varieties of these delicious pastry pockets.


With a range of savoury pasties priced at AED 95 each, as well as a sweet selection priced at AED 40 each, Bread Street Kitchen is inviting guests to try this British favourite a variety of different ways. The traditional Cornish Pasty is filled with beef, potato, onion and swede and die-hard traditionalists will be pleased to hear that the original version will feature on the menu. However, Bread Street Kitchen will also be putting its own unique spin on the dish with a creative line-up that includes wagyu beef with mushroom ketchup; chicken, corn and red peppers; spinach and ricotta; pecorino cheese and truffles; or steak and kidney with craft beer. For desserts, guests can pick from an apple and berry pie, banana and custard or banana and Nutella. There will also be a signature cocktail pairing on offer, a ‘vino real’ (AED 70) which is refreshingly infused with elderflower and lavender.

Thought to have been around since the 14th century, few meals have roots as deep as the Cornish pasty – believed by many to be the first real ‘convenience’ food. Originating as a calorie-filled portable lunch for tin miners, fishermen and farmers to take to work, housewives would make one for their husbands and mark their initials on one end of the pasty. The miners conveniently carried their pasties to work in a tin bucket which they heated by burning a candle underneath. The thick, wide pastry edges would be thrown away after eating the rest of their meal, to avoid being poisoned by tin or copper dust from their fingers. Today the pasty is one of Cornwall's most successful food exports, and an essential part of the holiday experience for 3.5 million tourists a year.

  • Date: 23rd- 28th February 2021
  • Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm (11:00pm Thursday and Friday)
  • Children of all ages welcome
  • Savoury Cornish pasties are priced at AED 95 and sweet ones are priced at AED 40
  • Signature cocktails are priced at AED 70 each


Taking place on the first full week of March, Bread Street Kitchen will be encouraging diners to try a variety of renditions of this this baked favourite with savoury dishes priced at AED 110 and sweet versions priced at AED 50. Paired with a signature cocktail, the gin smash basil features quintessential British ingredients like cucumber, ensuring guests enjoy a true taste of good ‘ole Blighty.

From traditional version such as steak and kidney with ale, to more out of the box creations like rogan josh lamb pie with yoghurt and chutney and a royal fish pie with brioche crumbs, diners are in for a hearty treat. They are advised to leave some space for what promise to be delicious desserts: blueberry and almond pie served with royal icing and a wonderfully comforting banoffee and Italian meringue pie. Producing a magic pasty takes a certain knack; it’s one the chefs at Bread Street Kitchen have mastered.

  • Date: 1st-7th March 2021
  • Time: 6:00pm-10:30pm (11:00pm Thursday and Friday)
  • Children of all ages welcome
  • Savoury pies are priced at AED 110 and sweet ones are priced at AED 50
  • Signature cocktails are priced at AED 65 each

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