• Ossiano has the capacity to seat 84 guests for dinner and 12 at the cocktail bar
  • Ossiano offers floor to ceiling views into one of the biggest aquariums in the world
  • With seating in front of the 10 metre-long and 45 cm-thick viewing pane into the Ambassador Lagoon – guests can dine as they look at 11 million litres of seawater, home to 65,000 marine animals including sharks, stingrays, snapper, hammour, lionfish and anemone
  • Coined as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai, supported by Atlantis’ divers to spread underwater love messages, Ossiano sees more marriage proposals than any other spot in the hotel annually
  • Ossiano welcomes more than 70 nationalities visiting the restaurant every month
  • The restaurant’s most regular guest has dined at Ossiano 43 times
  • Celebrity diners have included Pierce Brosnan, David Guetta, Mike Tyson and Akon
  • Ossiano is the only restaurant in Dubai to take the title of Best Seafood in Dubai five years consecutively at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards
  • Ossiano is the only restaurant in Atlantis and one of the only fine dining locations in Dubai that offers a set menu and no à la carte option. Guests can choose from three, seven or eleven courses
  • The most unusual dish on the menu is the Foie Gras Berries, which is paired with Hibiscus
  • The most popular dish on the menu is the Caramelised Black Cod Homemade Linguine, Almond Foam and Zucchini
  • The most expensive dish is the Iranian caviar, which costs around AED5,000 for 50 grams
  • Ossiano sells more than 100 kilograms of caviar each year
  • The most photographed and ordered dish on the menu is the North Sea Langoustine, which is ordered around 100 times per week
  • Every evening there are at least 400 dishes plated and sent out from the kitchen
  • The most expensive dinner recorded at Ossiano cost AED160,000 for a table of two and AED185,000 for a table of five
  • A native of Versailles, Paris, Chef de Cuisine Grégoire Berger has studied under some of the most well-known culinary masters in the world. His travels across the globe inspired his cuisine by incorporating unique ingredients from the four corners of the world. From léginesof the Austral ocean, to Périgord Foie Gras in France, each experience is a culinary trip
  • 90 percent of Berger’s back of house team have been with Berger since he took on Ossiano four years ago
  • Ossiano team rotate the kitchen roles (based on the level) every Thursday, so everyone is constantly challenged and well trained in all areas
  • Berger is a dedicated ‘locavore’, pushing the boundaries by working with local suppliers in Dubai, sourcing ingredients that has never been grown or crafted in Dubai
  • With a passion for creating a sustainable fine dining experience, Chef Grégoire is a firm believer in using every part of a food item, meaning if it’s not eaten, it’s turned into stock or an amuse bouche. This has resulted in Ossiano’s wastage levels being the lowest of any restaurant in Atlantis
  • Ossiano only uses sustainable varieties of local and international species of fish. Chef Grégoire works with local fisherman and small suppliers in various locations, who know and love their seas and have an affinity with that location
  • Every dish is specially crafted considering three dimensions: the ingredients, the produce and the story behind the dish. Chef Grégoire tends to steer away from cooking ‘on trend’ food and relies more on telling a story with his dishes. All his dishes are inspired by a particular moment or an event in his life which he likes to bring to life through his dishes in a non-verbal way, stimulating both taste and smell.
  • The most unusual ingredient used in the kitchen is whelk, a common name that is applied to various kinds of sea snails
  • Chef Grégoire always invites a supplier to come to Ossiano to educate the team on a new product, so they know it inside and out
  • Chef Grégoire is a huge fan of cooking with flowers, with 75% of all Ossiano dishes containing violets and other edible floras
  • Chef Grégoire Berger is currently ranked the 23rdbest chef in the world thanks to his success at the Best Chef Awards in Milan 2018
  • As an accomplished networker in the global fine dining scene, in 2017/18 Chef Grégoire created a ‘four hands dinners’ with some of the top chefs around the world. These include two French Michelin star chef’s Stephane Buron, and Ronan Kervarrec as well as Gregory Doyen, Himanshu Saini, Felix Lo Basso and Nobu’s Herve Courtot
  • The most unusual request received – and carried out – was for a marriage proposal where the couple flew in by private jet for four hours from India and asked for their favourite dishes from PF Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory and Popeye’s to be recreated Ossiano style…

Chef Grégoire Berger Awards:

‘The Best Chef’ #16 Top 300 – The Best Chef Awards 2016

‘The Best Chef’ #10 Top 300 – The Best Chef Awards 2017

‘The Best Chef’ #23 Top 300 – The Best Chef Awards 2018

‘The Best Chef’ – Fol-Lover Awards 2018

‘Power 50’ – Caterer Middle East - 2016 - #10

‘Power 50’ – Caterer Middle East - 2017 - #04

‘Power 50’ – Caterer Middle East - 2018 - #04

‘Young Hotelier of the Year’ – Hotelier Awards 2016

‘Best Head Chef of the Year’ – Caterer Awards 2017

‘Young Chef San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition Africa Middle East Winner’ 2016

‘Pro Chef of the Year’ – Pro chef Awards 2016

‘Seafood Specialty Chef of the Year’ – Pro chef Awards 2016

‘Seafood Specialty Chef of the Year’ – Pro chef Awards 2017

‘Seafood Specialty Chef of the Year’ – Pro chef Awards 2018

‘Innovation Chef of the year’ – Pro chef Awards 2018

‘Best head chef’ – Middle East Hospitality Awards 2017

‘Legend of the year, Manager’ – Atlantis, The Palm Awards 2017

Ossiano Awards:

‘Best Seafood in Dubai’ – Time Out Awards(2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016/2018)

‘Best Romantic restaurant’ – Time Out Awards 2017

‘Wine Spectator Award’ – 2017

‘Best Seafood Restaurant in the World’ – World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2017

‘Best Seafood’ – BBC Good Food Awards 2017

‘Best Seafood’ – BBC Good Food Awards 2018

‘Best Fine Dining’ – BBC Good Food Awards 2017

‘Restaurant of the year’ – BBC Good Food Awards 2017

‘Restaurant of the year’ – BBC Good Food Awards 2018

‘Favourite Seafood restaurant’ – Fact Awards 2018

Plating & Photography Awards:

‘Best plating’ Gold medal – Yannick Alleno Magazine Competition 2014

‘Best chef’ – Ambassador Award Photography Competition 2015

‘Best dish of the month’ – The Best Chef Photography Competition April 2016

Runner Up:

‘Highly recommended Best Fine Dining’ – Leaders in F&B Awards 2016

‘Highly recommended Young Chef of the year’ – Caterer Awards 2016

‘Highly recommended Best Romantic’ – Time Out Awards 2018


4 Hands Dinner - Pastry Chef Gregory Doyen – 2018

4 Hands Dinner – Chef Himanshu Saini / Tresind Studio Dubai – 2018

4 Hands Lunch – Chef Felix Lo Basso 1* / Felix Lo Basso Restaurant – 2018

4 Hands Dinner – Chef Ronan Kervarrec 2** / La Table De Plaisance –2018

4 Hands Dinner – Chef Stephane Buron 2** / Le Chabichou / MOF – 2017

4 Hands Dinner – Chef Nobu / Nobu Dubai – 2016