Grand Lobby

  • Throughout the resort, guests experience an immediate connection to their natural surroundings, travelling on a sensory journey of discovery highlighted by nature, art and moments of wonder
  • The 19-metre high Grand Lobby presents a dazzling interplay of water, light and sound with a wall of windows offering stunning vistas of the azure waters of The Palm and beaches along the Arabian Gulf
  • Moving across the lobby's travertine marble floors, guests enjoy a symphony of sound as a water wall cascades into a babbling pool, a soothing reminder of the surrounding sea
  • Dale Chihuly was commissioned to create his first installation in the Middle East: a glass sculpture that brings the essence of the sea and its inhabitants to life
  • The brief of the crystal sculpture was to create something that symbolised the energy source of the Atlantis, rising below the grand dome
  • The stunning result, which took almost two years to create, is a 10-metre-high sculpture with more than 3,000 pieces of intensely-coloured blown glass ranging from fiery oranges and reds to tranquil blues and greens
  • The piece is surrounded by a reflection pool and eight "fish columns" constructed within an architecturally developed sea urchins shell
  • Many believe the piece is priceless however much of his work of this scale is valued at about US$3 million
  • Chihuly came to Atlantis to personally install the sculpture over two weeks. The sculpture was sent from States in individual pieces and put together on site
  • Dale is of the most innovative glassmakers of the contemporary age
  • Other Chihuly sculptures around the world include the reception of London's V&A museum, Las Vegas's Bellagio and the Rockefeller Centre in NYC
  • The lobby's 19-metre-high arched ceilings feature eight hand-painted murals on canvas created in Leon, Spain
  • The brief of the murals was to tell the story of the ancient mythical city
  • They were created by Spanish artist Albino Gonzalez, one of the world's foremost interpreters of ancient mythology
  • Gonzalez painted the murals in his studio near Leon, Spain
  • Two murals measuring 5 metres by 2.5 metres and six murals measuring 6.5 metres by 2.5 metres depict the development of the solar calendar, constellations, and mythology which tell the story of the ancient mythological city of Atlantis, in a kaleidoscope of colours
  • The murals represent the seasons of the year and the four elements of earth, air, wind and fire
  • Gonzalez's work captures the major themes of Arabian mythology, a story that has been passed throughout time, from generation to generation
  • The Atlantis, The Palm art collection includes works by hundreds of artists, all of which were selected to give guests the experience of what it was like to actually visit the Lost City of Atlantis
  • San Francisco artists Charley Brown and Mark Evans were commissioned to create tapestries in the main lobby, as well as several large murals for seven grand domes, some of which are as large as 2,000 square feet
  • Additional featured artists include, Terje Lundaas whose collage of over 52 ornate hand-blown glass shells compliments the tapestries in the grand lobby