Guest Activities

  • The guest activities department consists of employees with 10 different nationalities that speak 13 different languages.
  • Guest activities hosted Dubai’s first and largest waterpark egg hunt, during Easter 2018, with 50,000 eggs


  • The Atlantis Kids Club Councilors are all trained in Pediatric First Aid & CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • The Atlantis Kids Club’s Marine Education Programme is the only one of its kind – a behind the scenes experience where kids learn about our 65,000 marine animals, their trainers and caretakers, the environment and how we can help protect the planet earth.
  • FIFA is the most popular console game played in The Atlantis Kids Club
  • Approximately four litres of paint is used every month by budding artists
  • 65,000 beads are used per year for arts and crafts
  • 700 children visit The Atlantis Kids Club every week
  • The Atlantis Kids Club hosts approximately 137 birthday parties every year
  • On average, 500 balloons are used every week in a variety of decorations, games and craft sessions
  • On Halloween The Atlantis Kids Club gave out 24,000 grams of candy and danced a three-hour flash mob around the resort.
  • The Atlantis Kids Club is the only kid’s club in the world which has an underwater theatre
  • Twenty litres of glue is used every year in arts and craft sessions
  • Each Atlantis Kids Club colleague spends 2,700 minutes playing games every week
  • On average a child entering the Kids Club for a full day will spend 630 minutes of active play every week


  • Is the only exclusive venue for teens aged 13 to 17 years old across Dubai
  • There are seven musical instruments available to be played
  • The only place in Atlantis where teenagers can experience being a DJ
  • Hexagonal shape lights on the ceiling that change colour every three seconds adds to the fun atmosphere
  • First ever Star Wars pinball game in Atlantis
  • Fortnite is the most famous online game played in The Zone
  • FIFA 18 is the most famous offline game played