Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

  • Seafire Steakhouse & Bar has the capacity to seat 180 guests for dinner
  • The centrepiece of Seafire is unquestionably its world-famous beef. Finding meat that matched the high standards of Seafire's chefs, as well as the expectations of steak aficionados proved an intensive task. Seafire and Atlantis approached Australia’s most esteemed beef breeder and producers, Rangers Valley, with the goal of serving an exclusive selection of world-class steak cuts from Black Onyx Angus, a pure 100 percent Black Angus beef, grain fed for a minimum of 270 days
  • Steak is the star of the Seafire menu with 420 fillets, 300 rib eyes, 260 sirloins and 45 T-bones being served every week. In total that is roughly 41,000 steaks every year and 60kg of meat per night
  • The most popular cut of steak is the 250g Black Onyx Tenderloin by Rangers Valley, with over 18,000 being served in Seafire every year. This high-quality cut from the loin of beef is the source of various steaks with recipes including filet mignon, carpaccio, chateaubriand and stroganoff
  • Seafire is home to three dry agers at the entrance to the restaurant, which are sponsored by Admirals Ranger Valley, one of the world's most respected premium marbled beef producers
  • Admirals Ranger Valley regularly pick up prestigious awards for the quality of their Wagyu beef, with the most recent being a 2019 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition Gold Medal awarded by the Australian Wagyu Association.
  • Seafire is the only restaurant in Atlantis that offers diners the opportunity to sit at the chef’s table
  • Diners at Seafire can choose from eight different styles of knives from eight different countries. These include a German butcher blade, a Russian hunting knife, a traditional Arabic dagger knife, a UK stag handled knife, an Australian bush knife, an American Navajo Indian knife, a Japanese Shun knife and a French Laguiole
  • The menu at Seafire is very friendly for those with a gluten intolerance, with more than 80 per cent of dishes perfect for those that need to avoid gluten
  • Chef Raymond’s signature dishes include the beef tomahawk and savoury short rib doughnut, which was awarded one of Time Out Dubai Best Dishes of 2017. The unusual savoury dish consists of doughnuts stuffed with braised short rib, dusted with parmesan charcoal dust and served with a Seafire signature barbecue sauce
  • Aside from the steak, the most popular dish at Seafire is the short rib savoury doughnuts, which sells around 30 portions a night
  • The most expensive dish in Seafire is the WX Rangers Valley crossbred Wagyu 350g at AED 999
  • The most popular sharing dish at Seafire is the Chateaubriand 700g at AED 747. Despite common misconceptions, Chateaubriand is a recipe, not a cut of meat. It was created for Francois René Vicomte de Chateaubriand (1768-1848) French author and statesman by his personal chef in 1822
  • The largest steak on the menu is the Tomahawk weighing at 2kg
  • The most popular sauce for steak orders is peppercorn
  • The most popular side dish ordered with steak is fries
  • The most extravagant dessert is the Seafire signature freakshake. With more than 1,500 calories the shake is the ultimate chocolate experience of ice-cream, chocolate, marshmallow, Oreo’s and cotton candy
  • Apart from steak, seafood is also very popular in Seafire with the team serving more than 7kg of salmon and 6kg of seabream every week. They also serve roughly 400 oysters and more than 170 lobsters weekly to seafood fans
  • The most money spent on one meal in Seafire was AED 49,000. A couple purchased a bottle of wine for AED 45,000 and dined on Kobe steaks
  • Chef Raymond’s favourite meat cut is the striploin cooked medium rare
  • Chef Raymond’s favourite dish? The “Wake Me Up” Coffee Short Rib
  • Chef Raymond sources certain ingredients locally and these include burrata cheese and potatoes
  • Seafire offers the most extensive selection of fine wines in Atlantis with an inventory of 500 and a variety of 136 different types
  • More than 400 glasses of wine are served every week at Seafire
  • Seafire sells a range of exclusive flavours of Jack Daniels whiskey and the brand is the most popular spirit sold in the restaurant. The bar team go through nine large bottles every month
  • The bar stocks four different types of Jack Daniels whiskey including JD no7, Sinatra JD, Gentlemen Jack and JD Honey
  • Seafire offers guests the chance to store a personal bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey in a specially created cabinet
  • The most expensive wine in Seafire is the Dominio de Pingus, (1.5 L) for AED 110,000. Only 500 cases per year are available and the wine gets its unusual name from its Danish owner Peter Sisseck. Pingus was his childhood nickname, bestowed upon him by a formidable aunt
  • Hugely popular with celebrities and sportsmen from around the world, recent diners at Seafire include Alesha Dixon, Joachim Löw, Martin Kaymer, Lewis Renard Baker, Bryan Habana, Kevin Peterson, Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Nani, Amanda Holden, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rory McIlroy

Seafire Awards 2017/18/19:

‘Best Steakhouse (Highly Commended)’- Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2018

‘Meat Specialty Chef, Raymond Wong’ -Pro Chef Middle East Awards 2017

Shortlisted ‘Best Steakhouse’ – Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2019

‘Meat Specialty Chef, Raymond Wong’ – Pro Chef Middle East Awards 2019