The Gardens

  • The island was created using dredged sea sand as the base and sits in shallow waters of around 14m
  • On top of the dredged sand sits desert sand which we refer to as ‘sweet soil’ as it contains no salts. Plants and trees are planted directly into the sweet soil with compost added to enhance the nutrient levels
  • The gardens were created and planted in 14 months


  • A team consisting of 63 team members made up of gardeners, operators, plumbers, palm cutters, health and safety officer and managers keep the operation running. Maintenance of the gardens is operated 24/7
  • 20 to 30 cubic metres of green waste is removed daily
  • Two full-time palm cutters are allocated to cut palms fronds
  • Overseeding lawns takes place between October through March with ryegrass.( this should be removed as rye grass requires large amounts of irrigation water and is not really sustainable)
  • Plants that die or are damaged are replaced immediately, an onsite holding nursery is stocked at all times
  • 120,000 seasonal plants are planted each year; petunias, vinca, coleus, cineraria ‘silver dust’, marigolds and poinsettia are used
  • Gardens are often changed to enhance the look and provide returning guests with a new and different experience
  • Over 300 indoor plants are maintained daily


  • The irrigation system is a standard automatic system, but it is managed manually to conserve and utilise the water efficiently
  • During the summer we irrigate twice daily. In winter we irrigate as and when required, which is on average every other day
  • Drip irrigation is used for all shrubs and groundcovers, bubblers are used for trees and pop up sprinklers are used for turf
  • Potable water is used which is supplied by the Dubai municipality