Wellbeing in Nature Experiences at One&Only Spa

Secluded in a natural volcanic rock garden, under the canopy of large Higuera trees, One&Only Spa at One&Only Mandarina offers a range of treatments and spiritual experiences inspired by indigenous and pre-Hispanic culture, as well as the expansive natural wonders of Mandarina, guided by a principle of ‘oneness’ with nature and self. The consciously crafted wellness programme combines advanced therapies and personalised treatments to create a transformational spa experience that goes far beyond traditional treatments and programmes and is found only at One&Only Mandarina.

The resort has partnered with Tata Harper, all-natural, luxury skincare brand, to be the first and only spa to introduce Tata Harper’s Sensorial Resets, a collection of curated treatments to elevate the traditional beauty experience and captivate all five senses. The multi-sensorial journeys simultaneously elevate the skin condition, the bodily vibrations, and the state of the mind. As sensory immersions meet cutting-edge beauty technology and the award-winning multi-active formulas to soothe and restore, the result is a complete recalibration of skin, body and mind in one powerful treatment.

The curated spa menu includes Tata Harper’s Mystique Herbal Codex, a specialised treatment to restore balance by advancing stagnant energy and reinstating natural energy flow. Inspired by the Badianus Manuscript – the earliest treatise on Mexican medicinal plants and ancestral remedies – the experience begins with gentle placement of singing bowls on the body, with soft vibrations and sounds resonating as the spa therapist begins to play, opening chakras and balancing energy. A full body exfoliation prepares the skin for a traditional body massage designed to energize and revitalize the body’s natural rhythm. The experience ends with an advanced skincare facial combining Tata Harper’s signature face massage techniques into one treatment.

Nature’s Sanctuary Treatment, also created exclusively for the One&Only Spa by Tata Harper, is designed to calm and relax the mind and body while indulging and inspiring the senses. Beginning with a tuning fork ritual and face mapping therapy, this treatment encourages positive and calming emotions to soothe a busy mind and treat each part of the body. A kinetique face and décolleté massage and warming experience follows, combining a head, hand and foot massage to transport guests on a sensory journey.

Additional Tata Harper treatments include a Kayuma Cleansing Ceremony, starting with Copal burned to clear the energy field, followed by a smoothing full body scrub with apricot microspheres and a freestyle massage utilising Tata Harper’s herbal infusion oil to heal, balance, and protect the physical and energetic body. A Native Clay Remedy reenergizes the tired body with a unique clay body mask that harnesses the power of fruit enzymes, purple clay, and spices like fennel, ginger, clove, and turmeric to purge impurities and detoxify the skin. Specialised facial treatments like the Plant-Based Hydration Facial combines deeply moisturising formulas with Tata Harper’s Raw Organic Honey Mask, quenching thirsty and sensitive skin to replenish hydration for a soft and supple look, while a Healthy Glow Facial delivers a flawless looking complexion using an innovative blend of multi-hydroxy acids that treat hyperpigmentation and reveal luminous looking skin and smooth, even texture. 

"Our partnership with One&Only Mandarina aligns seamlessly with our continued effort to promote a natural beauty lifestyle that is health-conscious and committed to safety, health, and sustainability,” said Tata Harper, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Tata Harper Skincare. “The resort’s ancient healing approach coupled with our products that are filled with the most potent organically grown ingredients, have combined to create a transformative spa experience unique to the destination and resort."

Tata Harper’s 100% natural and non-toxic skincare products are handcrafted in the label’s own 1,200-acre Certified Organic farm in Vermont. Using more than 300 fresh ingredients sourced from over 68 countries – with upwards of 40+ high performance ingredients in any given product – the celebrated skincare brand is designed to improve skin vitality and radiance without a single drop of artificial chemicals. From cleansers to moisturisers, the brand’s Green line provides multi-targeted treatments for every step of a beauty regimen, leaving skin healthy and glowing, while the more advanced Super Naturals line boasts hyper-targeted anti-aging solutions, engineered with ultramodern green technology for uncompromising results. A selection of Tata Harper products are available for purchase at the Spa Retail.

One&Only Spa, situated in a natural volcanic rock garden, features a collection of six secluded treatment rooms, all cocooned beneath the jungle canopy observed through skylights, bringing to life the wild nature surrounding One&Only Mandarina. A large, iconic Higuera tree frames the spa relaxation garden, with treatment rooms and a mud therapy facility positioned conscientiously around its roots. The spa journey is framed by expressions of sacred geometry created by Huicholes, one of the few indigenous communities that have managed to remain untouched by Spanish influence and are prominent to the region of Riviera Nayarit. With a layout based on an eight-point star, guests are immersed in the Huichol cosmo vision representing rebirth, renewal and spiritual regeneration. The design overlaps two squares, creating duality which combines four elements – fire, pointing to the Temazcal; water, pointing to wet areas; air, pointing to the treatment rooms; and earth, pointing to the spa entrance. The corners of the second square represent human existence, with spirit, pointing to the ocean; mind, pointing to the equilibrium pavilion; soul, pointing to the vitality area; and body, pointing to the treatment rooms. In balance, the two squares overlapping in design represent connection, which is the heart of the spa.

In addition to the partnership with Tata Harper, One&Only Spa offers uniquely local treatments and enriching experiences inspired by indigenous and pre-Hispanic culture, including a traditional Temazcal combining medicinal herbs, heat, steam, indigenous music and copal incense to stimulate detoxification, heal the body and purify the mind. Guests may also discover the art of Mexican folk healing, or Curanderismo, with a Spiritual Cleansing “Limpia Ceremony.Within fragrant clouds of copal incense, a Curandera guide uses an herbal bouquet to rub the entire body free of negative energies while chanting to restore the body to its natural state of wholeness and wellness.

Spa guests can also indulge in ultimate relaxation by soaking in the mud grotto, bathing in the vitality pool, or enjoying an energizing hydrotherapy circuit with cold plunge pools, steam room and sauna that boast views of the jungle, before indulging in the spa’s holistic wellness and beauty offerings. A dedicated Beauty Lounge offers a selection of nourishing hair and nail treatments – from a meditative manicure combining technician work with the ancient practice of meditation, to a slow beauty signature pedicure opening with a breathing ritual to melt away tension while nails are finely groomed and perfectly polished. Cutting, styling and conditioning hair treatments are also available after a day under the sun or in the sea.

One&Only Mandarina is home to a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Fitness Studio, where the resort’s expert fitness team create personalised programmes to meet guests’ wellbeing goals. Group or private fitness classes are available including TRX, Jungle Workout (using only body weight and the surrounding nature to build strength), Kettlebell Strength, Pump & Beyond, Beach Body Fusion, and more. Those that prefer to work out in the privacy of their accommodation, can request in-villa fitness kits – inclusive of resistance bands, a wellness ball, smart rope, yoga mat, and BodyBoss portable gym.

The resort’s outdoor Aura Deck is a tranquil haven surrounded by nature with views of the jungle surrounds where guests can enjoy an enticing selection of yoga classes or meditation sessions. Led by the resort’s team of spiritual experts, weekly yoga offerings include Tribal Flow, a vinyasa flow while breathing in the jungle air; Inversions, designed to prepare you for inverted postures such as headstands, forearm stands, and handstands; Back Bends, an intermediate session to open your heart and help achieve deeper backbends; Yoga Flow, entering a meditative state with a classic approach to yoga where healing meets movements; a private Home Practice designed to cocreate an ideal home flow, and more. In addition to weekly group meditation classes, private sessions include Alchemical Breathwork, focused on breathing and moving your body through a wide range of pranayama practices; Third Eye Detox, unblocking your intuition with focused awareness to see with closed eyes beyond the mind; Vocal Alchemy, crating cellular resonance through the vibrations of your voice to unlock the throat chakra and cleanse the nervous systems; Breath of Fire, designed to dissolve blocked energy and download goodness through meditation, and more.

For more information or reservations, please visit: oneandonlyresorts.com.