Atlantis, The Palm_Exterior_Palm Crescent Wide

The Palm

  1. The Palm Island is one of the largest man-made islands in the world
  2. It’s the first and smallest of the Palm Trilogy, including Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira
  3. To determine the feasibility of the project, multiple studies were conducted to plan The Palm
  4. The Palm’s shape was selected primarily to ensure all buildings built on the island would have a sea view and beach access. This has resulted in more than 300 openings on each side
  5. The Palm is one of the few attractions in the world that can be seen from space
  6. The crescent is 650 feet (200 metres) wide and about 10.5 miles (17 km) long altogether
  7. 100 million cubic meters of sand and seven million tons of rocks were used to make the island
  8. The Palm’s construction has led to the addition of about 78 kilometres to Dubai’s shoreline
  9. There are approximately 12,000 palm trees on The Palm Island
  10.  The Palm has its own Monorail, with the final stop ending at Atlantis, The Palm
Atlantis, The Palm_Exterior_Beachfront

The Resort

  1. Atlantis was the first resort to open its doors on Dubai’s revolutionary man-made island, The Palm in September 2008
  2. The total cost to build Atlantis was USD 1.5 billion and more than 2,250 tonnes of marble and stone were used to create the walls, fountains and magnificent floors throughout the resort
  3. The resort’s current footprint on The Palm is 46 hectares (the size of 64 Wembley football pitches), including over 2 kilometres of beachfront and 22.5 hectares of waterpark amusement
  4. The resort is home to 1,544 rooms and suites across 22 storeys
  5. Atlantis has 35 restaurants, lounges and bars, featuring five by celebrity chefs including Nobu, Hakkasan, Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Street Pizza and underwater restaurant, Ossiano
  6. The resort is an unparalleled entertainment destination offering guests daily complimentary access to the world’s biggest waterpark, Atlantis Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers Aquarium, home to 65,000 marine animals
  7. Guests can enjoy a world-class holistic spa and wellbeing experience, including the region’s only licensed nail salon, the only place to do Underwater Yoga, a panoramic gym and 27 treatment rooms
  8. Approximately 3,000 colleagues work at Atlantis, The Palm
  9. The front desk team check in and out over 823 guests per day, welcoming guests from more than 227 different countries
  10. The bell desk manages more than 513,600 pieces of luggage every year
Atlantis, The Palm_Interior_Lobby

The Lobby

  1. The 19-metre high Grand Lobby presents a dazzling interplay of water, light and sound with a wall of windows offering stunning vistas of the azure waters of The Palm and beaches along the Arabian Gulf
  2. Moving across the lobby's travertine marble floors, guests enjoy a symphony of sound as a water wall cascades into a babbling pool, a soothing reminder of the surrounding sea
  3. Dale Chihuly was commissioned to create his first installation in the Middle East: a glass sculpture that brings the essence of the sea and its inhabitants to life, symbolising the energy source of the Atlantis, rising below the grand dome
  4. The stunning result, which took almost two years to create, is a 10-metre-high sculpture with more than 3,000 pieces of intensely-coloured blown glass ranging from fiery oranges and reds to tranquil blues and greens; Chihuly came to Atlantis to personally install the sculpture over two weeks
  5. The piece is surrounded by a reflection pool and eight "fish columns" constructed within an architecturally developed sea urchins shell
  6. Many believe the piece is priceless however much of his work of this scale is valued at about US$3 million
  7. The lobby's 19-metre-high arched ceilings feature eight hand-painted murals on canvas to tell the story of the ancient mythical city
  8. The murals were created in Leon, Spain by Spanish artist Albino Gonzalez, one of the world's foremost interpreters of ancient mythology
  9. Gonzalez painted the murals in his studio near Leon, Spain
  10. Two murals measuring 5 metres by 2.5 metres and six murals measuring 6.5 metres by 2.5 metres depict the development of the solar calendar, constellations, and mythology which tell the story of the ancient mythological city of Atlantis, in a kaleidoscope of colours, representing the seasons of the year and the four elements of earth, air, wind and fire
Underwater Suite_Bedroom_Couple

Rooms and Signature Suites

  1. The resort has a total of 1,544 guest rooms, spanning two towers: East Tower and West Tower, making it the biggest hotel on The Palm Island
  2. Atlantis is home to 1,051 standard rooms (Ocean and Palm Deluxe), 326 Imperial Club rooms, and 161 suites (Terrace, Skyline and Regal Club Suite)
  3. There are 6 signature suites: Underwater, Presidential, Grand Atlantis 
  4. The resort offers 31 accessible rooms
  5. Over 1,400 of the 1,544 rooms in The Royal Towers, have inter-connecting doors that are ideal for families
  6. The longest stay in Atlantis was six months in a Regal Suite
  7. An average of 400 room service orders are placed every single day
  8. The mattresses used in Atlantis rooms are King Koil Arabian Night Perfect Contour (King or Queen) mattresses, one of the most comfortable in the world
  9. The most popular signature suites are the Underwater Suites named Neptune and Poseidon, with stays starting from AED 18,205+++ per night
  10. Included in the signature suite price, guests get soap with 24-carat gold flakes and a dedicated 24-hour butler
The Royal Pool_Woman on Lounger


  1. The gardens were created and planted in 14 months
  2. A team consisting of 63 team members made up of gardeners, operators, plumbers, palm cutters, health and safety officer and managers keep the operation running
  3. Maintenance of the gardens is operated 24/7
  4. 20 to 30 cubic metres of green waste is removed daily
  5. Two full-time palm cutters are allocated to cut palms fronds
  6. Plants that die or are damaged are replaced immediately, an onsite holding nursery is stocked at all times
  7. 120,000 seasonal plants are planted each year; petunias, vinca, coleus, cineraria ‘silver dust’, marigolds and poinsettia are used
  8. Gardens are often changed to enhance the look and provide returning guests with a new and different experience
  9. The irrigation system is a standard automatic system, but it is managed manually to conserve and utilise the water efficiently
  10. Drip irrigation is used for all shrubs and groundcovers, bubblers are used for trees and pop up sprinklers are used for turf