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Atlantis, The Palm’s Dining Scene

  1. Atlantis, The Palm is home to 35 restaurants, lounges and bars, featuring five by celebrity chefs including Nobu, Hakkasan, Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Street Pizza and underwater restaurant, Ossiano
  2. In total, the resort has 5 celebrity chef restaurants, 4 specialty restaurants, 2 buffet restaurants, 5 casual restaurants, 1 café, 4 bars and lounges, 2 outdoor restaurants, 11 waterpark restaurants, and 1 beach club and restaurant
  3. Atlantis, The Palm is the leading culinary destination in the region, winning multiple awards every year, including 18 wins in 2021 alone
  4. The resort serves approximately 4.4 million dining guests every year
  5. In 2021 Atlantis, The Palm launched sustainable and locally sourced menus across eight restaurants including celebrity chef outlets such as Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, Nobu, and Hakkasan
  6. A long-term objective for Atlantis, The Palm is the implementation of at least 5 locally and sustainably sourced dishes on every menu in resort that will stay for the long term
  7. Since November 2021, Atlantis, The Palm has sold over 5,000 sustainable dishes, 122 out of 238 seafood ingredients used across all 35 restaurants are now certified sustainable, and chefs are ordering up to 20 local, sustainable key ingredients every day
  8. The latest restaurant to open at Atlantis, The Palm is Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza, serving up bottomless pizza for AED 100 per person
  9. The culinary team comprises over 750 colleagues including chefs, bakers, stewards and management amongst many other roles
  10. Atlantis, The Palm is home to more food and beverage outlets than any resort in the Middle EastAtlantis, The Palm’s Dining Scene


  1. The pastry team is one of two food and beverage departments in the hotel to remain fully staffed and operational 24 hours a day – the other is in-room dining
  2. With the manpower of more than 50 skilled pastry chefs, the team produces baked goods for the entire resort operation including outdoor catering
  3. Executive Pastry Chef Patrice Cabannes has worked with some of the best names in the chocolate industry to develop a signature Atlantis branded chocolate available in milk, white and two kinds of dark chocolate – the hotel uses 20 tonnes of this signature chocolate every year
  4. One of the most requested pastries of the moment is healthy bread – this has led to carrot bread, green tea bread, oats and apple bread and even quinoa seed bread make it onto the breakfast menu at Atlantis dining outlets
  5. With all pastries and baked goods crafted in house, the team turn out 700 loaves and 7,000 rolls every week, as well as 50,000 pastries handmade by the pastry team
  6. In order to deliver on such a vast amount of orders, the kitchen use 4,000kgs of flour each week, 700 litres of cream, 700 litres of milk and 5,500 eggs
  7. Croissants are unsurprisingly the most popular breakfast pastry with 2,500 crescent-shaped classics being served every day
  8. Cheesecake, tiramisu and chocolate brownies are the bestselling sweets
  9. The most unusual pastry the team creates is chocolate with Japanese Shiso, a juice made from a leaf
  10. The team recently introduced an extensive selection of sweets free of any raw sugar which are perfect for diabetics, as well as egg-free desserts suitable for vegans
Bread Street Kitchen_Beef Wellington

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar by Gordon Ramsay

  1. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar opened at Atlantis, The Palm in 2015, and is named after the street of its London counterpart which is located at 10 Bread Street
  2. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar has an indoor capacity of 150 and outdoor capacity of 120 on the terrace
  3. Bread Street Kitchen has more repeat guests than any other restaurants at Atlantis – in 2017, one guest enjoyed the experience so much he dined at the restaurant 16 times over his holiday
  4. The team serves an impressive 1,000 Beef Wellingtons every month
  5. Despite the all-round love for Beef Wellington, the most popular dish at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is the luxurious lobster tagliolini
  6. The most money ever spent on one meal was a record-breaking AED 56,000 for a table of eight
  7. The most common question waiters at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar get asked is ‘Is Gordon on the pass tonight? Can he cook for us?’ and ‘Does he really swear so much?’
  8. The bar is a huge focal point at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, selling more than 300 pints of beer every week more than 300 cocktails – gin is the favourite ingredient for any cocktail ordered at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar with 33 different types on offer
  9. The most popular dessert is the banana sticky toffee pudding, a take on the popular British classic
  10. Bread Street Kitchen offers vegan and sustainable sourced local dishes as part of Atlantis Atlas Project
Nobu_Oysters with Nobu Salsa


  1. The Nobu brand is co-owned by chef Nobu, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper – Nobu hails its name from Chef Nobuyuki’s nickname, which also means ‘trust’ in Japanese
  2. Nobu has a capacity for 172 diners including a private dining room, sushi bar, bar lounge and Nobu’s first garden terrace
  3. Chef Nobu is known for his fusion cuisine, blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients – his signature dish is the Black Cod Miso, which is the most sold item on the menu, around 500 servings are ordered per week
  4. Nobu is known for serving some of the best sushi and sashimi in the world with 364,000 pieces being sold every year in the Dubai restaurant alone – the most popular sashimi is the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno
  5. The most unusual ingredient used in the kitchen is dry miso, a very special ingredient made exclusively made for Nobu
  6. A favourite with A-listers, the top celebrities that have recently eaten at Nobu include Kim Kardashian, Mark Wright, Jourdan Dunn, Jackie Chan, Wayne Rooney, Michael Jordan, Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, David Guetta, Lindsey Lohan and Steven Seagal
  7. The most money ever spent on one meal was AED 180,000 for a table of four…a record-breaking number amongst all 23 restaurants at Atlantis, The Palm
  8. The most popular beverage consumed at Nobu is the traditional sake
  9. Most people don’t know the proper way to eat sushi. The sushi must be turned upside down and the fish should be dipped in the soy sauce, not the rice. Otherwise, the rice will collapse.
  10. One mistake people always make is adding extra wasabi. There is no need for it because it should already be there between the rice and the fish.
Hakkasan_Dim Sum


  1. Hakkasan is an upscale, modern Cantonese restaurant founded by Alan Yau
  2. Hakkasan at Atlantis has the capacity to seat a total of 84 guests for dining in the restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge
  3. Hakkasan’s name stems from Hakka and San – the Hakka are Han Chinese people whose ancestral homes are chiefly in the Hakka-speaking provincial areas  https://hakkasan.com/stories/what-does-hakkasan-mean/
  4. Executive Chef Andy Toh’s favourite dish is Wagyu rib eye with Osmanthus sauce (soya, fish and tomato) – a delicate savoury dish served with baiyu mushrooms, this dish is only available in Hakkasan Dubai
  5. There are select dishes available exclusively at Hakkasan Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm, including the wok-seared tiger prawn with white asparagus, the seared Canadian scallop in plum sauce, the Mala Wagyu Short Rib with pumpkin crisp and the Lychee Lobster with yuzu pearl
  6. A must-try dessert at Hakkasan is the milk chocolate hazelnut parfait with warm chocolate sauce and is a firm guest favourite
  7. Interestingly, Hakkasan serves around 25-30 portions of Dim sum platters per night – the most popular dim sums served at Hakkasan is the kaffir lime lobster har gau
  8. Hakkasan has a total of 16 dishes on its vegetarian menu and 12 dishes on its vegan menu: both are enough for a three-course meal
  9. The chefs at Hakkasan have made a concerted effort to make more on the plate edible, for example, the baskets and the bling blossom garnish that contain the Osmanthus wagyu beef rib-eye can be eaten
  10. The most popular dish at Hakkasan is the crispy duck salad
Ossiano_Yellowtail Taco


  1. Ossiano has the capacity to seat 45 guests for dinner and 12 at the cocktail bar
  2. Ossiano offers floor to ceiling views with seating in front of the 10 metre-long and 45 cm-thick viewing pane into the Ambassador Lagoon – guests can dine as they look at 11 million litres of seawater, home to 65,000 marine animals including sharks, stingrays, snapper, hammour, lionfish and anemone
  3. Coined as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai, supported by Atlantis’ divers to spread underwater love messages, Ossiano sees more marriage proposals than any other spot in the hotel annually
  4. Ossiano welcomes more than 70 nationalities visiting the restaurant every month
  5. Celebrity diners have included Pierce Brosnan, David Guetta, Mike Tyson and Akon
  6. Ossiano is the only restaurant in Atlantis and one of the only fine dining locations in Dubai that offers a set menu and no à la carte option
  7. Ossiano sells more than 100 kilograms of caviar each year
  8. Every evening there are at least 400 dishes plated and sent out from the kitchen
  9. The most expensive dinner recorded at Ossiano cost AED160,000 for a table of two and AED185,000 for a table of five
  10. The most unusual request received – and carried out – was for a marriage proposal where the couple flew in by private jet for four hours from India and asked for their favourite dishes from PF Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory and Popeye’s to be recreated Ossiano style…
Seafire Steakhouse_Savory Short Rib Donuts

Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

  1. Seafire Steakhouse & Bar has the capacity to seat 180 guests for dinner
  2. The centrepiece of Seafire is unquestionably its world-famous beef sourced from Australia’s most esteemed beef breeder and producers, Rangers Valley, with the goal of serving an exclusive selection of world-class steak cuts from Black Onyx Angus, a pure 100 percent Black Angus beef, grain fed for a minimum of 270 days
  3. Steak is the star of the Seafire menu with 420 fillets, 300 rib eyes, 260 sirloins and 45 T-bones being served every week – the most popular cut of steak is the 250g Black Onyx Tenderloin by Rangers Valley, with over 18,000 being served in Seafire every year
  4. The largest steak on the menu is the Tomahawk weighing at 2kg
  5. Seafire is home to three dry agers at the entrance to the restaurant, which are sponsored by Admirals Ranger Valley, one of the world's most respected premium marbled beef producers
  6. Diners at Seafire can choose from eight different styles of knives from eight different countries. These include a German butcher blade, a Russian hunting knife, a traditional Arabic dagger knife, a UK stag handled knife, an Australian bush knife, an American Navajo Indian knife, a Japanese Shun knife and a French Laguiole
  7. The menu at Seafire is very friendly for those with a gluten intolerance, with more than 80 per cent of dishes perfect for those that need to avoid gluten
  8. Aside from the steak, the most popular dish at Seafire is the short rib savoury doughnuts, which sells around 30 portions a night – Seafood is also very popular with the team serving more than 7kg of salmon and 6kg of seabream every week
  9. Seafire offers the most extensive selection of fine wines in Atlantis with an inventory of 500 and a variety of 136 different types – more than 400 glasses of wine are served every week
  10. Seafire sells a range of exclusive flavours of Jack Daniels whiskey and the brand is the most popular spirit sold in the restaurant – the bar team go through nine large bottles every month
WHITE Restaurant_Fish Bazaar

WHITE Beach & Restaurant

  1. WHITE Beach & Restaurant opened in 2019, and is one of the newest dining outlets at Atlantis, the Palm,
  2. The menu is inspired by traditional Mediterranean fair anchored by an excellent selection of seafood
  3. WHITE Beach & Restaurant offers poolside snacks, signature dishes and unique culinary creations
  4. Chef Ibrahim Ata’s legendary signature dishes include the yellowfin tuna tartare with creamy avocado, salmon and tuna sashimi pizza
  5. The most Instagrammable dish is the 18 Karat profiteroles
  6. WHITE Beach & Restaurant is easily one of the chicest venues to open in the region and has fast turned into Dubai’s hottest beach club – it’s simultaneously the perfect chill out and the place to party
  7. WHITE Beach is popular for sunning and sipping while reclining on loungers on its sunny shores, or around its infinity pool, while WHITE Restaurant buzzes with diners who relish its fresh, modern Mediterranean cuisine
  8. WHITE offers ladies’ days on Tuesdays and a Sunday brunch during the weekend, both have been hugely successful, picking up awards from the likes of Time Out Dubai
  9. WHITE Beach & Restaurant has a menu of unique and class cocktails – popular orders include the Mermaid Tail and the classic Espresso Martini
  10. WHITE Beach is home to Palmarama, a partnership with Ibizan powerhouse, The Night League, that welcomes an unbeatable line-up of the world’s biggest DJ’s, the city’s first-ever winter event residency
Ayamna_Apricot Vanilla Muhalabiya


  1. Ayamna opened in Atlantis, The Palm in 2016
  2. Taking its meaning from the popular phrase ‘the Good Old Days’, Ayamna is a reference to that warm feeling evoked by memorable experiences found in Lebanese culture, hearty food and buzzing atmosphere
  3. Every colleague who works at Ayamna, is of Arabic origin, meaning they can offer a 100 percent authentic experience to guests and enjoy discussing the ingredients and the flavours of the food
  4. Ayamna is a favourite with Arabic A-listers – top celebrities that have recently dined at Ayamna include Wael Kfoury, Huda Kattan, Cyrine Abdelnour, Mesut Ozil, Dominique Hourani and Lojain Omran
  5. Ayamna serves hundreds of shishas every week, with the favourite flavour being the grape and mint mix
  6. The most difficult dish to make at Ayamna is the Kebbeh Mabroumeh – originated in North of Lebanon; kibbeh is made of minced meat, minced onions and bulgur
  7. The most popular food style at Ayamna is the mezze with nearly every meal starting with hummus, moutabal, tabouleh, fattoush and vine leaves
  8. The most unique dish at Ayamna is the shrimps kunafa
  9. The restaurant serves an impressive 50kg of hummus every week, that is equivalent to a small person
  10. Ayamna serves 3,150 pieces of freshly baked Arabic bread every week
Wavehouse_ Interior_Dining Area


  1. Wavehouse opened in Atlantis, The Palm in January 2019 and can seat around 650 people inside and outside
  2. Wavehouse is a family friendly entertainment destination that brings together music, gaming, bowling, food, and drinks overlooking a state-of-the-art wave machine
  3. All the staff at Wavehouse wear Hawaiian shirts to add to the chilled, laid-back atmosphere
  4. Home to LEVELS, with more than 50 arcade games, including the world’s largest Pac Man, the world’s first 3-axis rotation simulator ‘Stereo VR’ as well as a dedicated Xbox playing zone
  5. People can play to win prizes, and on an average visit, players win 35 - 50 tickets, and the most commonly won prize are sweets such as M&Ms as well as Haribo gummies
  6. The four-lane bowling alley is one of only two licensed bowling destinations in Dubai
  7. Wavehouse is home to the Surf’s Up Wave Rider, which shoots out more than seven tonnes of water per second in a thin sheet and therefore produces a realistic wave effect, ideal for body boarding, knee boarding and surfing
  8. Wavehouse features a mouth-watering menu of lunch, dinner and snack options, with signature dishes such as the Deep Fried Babybel and Rainbow Sliders
  9. The most Instagrammed dish on the menu is the Rainbow Sliders and the recently introduced Beast Burger
  10. There is an adult-only bar that is the perfect spot to grab a drink and kick back after work – the most popular drink is the frozen piña colada
Saffron_Saffron Brunch_Dessert


  1. Ten years after it first opened, Saffron underwent a complete refurbishment and re-opened in January 2021
  2. Designed by New York-based Jeffrey Beers International (JBI), the objective of the refurbishment was to bring a fresh and vibrant new look to Saffron with a bright and modern space fitted with an array of distinctive stations
  3. The all-day dining restaurant is based on a “Chefs Table” concept, wrapping the kitchen and action stations around the diners, making the delivery and the kitchen activity a part of the entertainment
  4. With more than 220 dishes from which to choose, guests could eat in Saffron for nearly a year and never have the same meal twice
  5. Saffron hosts theme nights and is also home to Saffron Brunch 2.0, the city’s best Friday brunch
  6. Signature dishes include Malaysian claypot, Asian wok, top quality sushi and sashimi, an impressive seafood selection and a specially curated dessert section including a boutique range of healthier options; The claypot station, which cooks stew on open flame in a claypot, is especially unique as it does not feature in any other buffet restaurant in Dubai
  7. Live cooking stations include the carving station, a live sushi and maki roll making station, a noodle soup station, Korean BBQ, Chinese Dim Sum, and a dessert station with a different item created in front of guests daily
  8. There is a new rotisserie oven with freshly roasted chicken as well as a selection of beef and lamb which is carved in front of guests
  9. The restaurant’s urban cultivator, a fully automated kitchen garden, is another unique feature which grows organic herbs, microgreens, and vegetables 365 days a year, which are served at the raw bar
  10. New meat dry agers have been installed, so Saffron now serves its own dry aged meat including a selection of Wagyu beef dried meat live cut for the guest