Marine and Waterpark

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Atlantis, The Palm Marine and Waterpark

  1. Around 1.5 million guests experience a marine and waterpark activity every year at Atlantis, The Palm
  2. Aquaventure Waterpark features in the top 10 things to do in Dubai on TripAdvisor
  3. The Ambassador Lagoon, Shark Lagoon and The Lost Chambers Aquarium combined are home to more than 65,000 marine animals and more than 250 species of fish
  4. More than 100 team members care for the marine animals at Atlantis, The Palm – jobs include aquarists, water quality technicians, veterinarians and even chefs
  5. The fish that call Atlantis, The Palm home are fed 400 kilos of restaurant quality seafood daily – including shrimp, krill, squid, mackerel, anchovy and other varieties of fish and romaine lettuce each day, which is meticulously prepared in the food preparation area
  6. The back of house in The Ambassador Lagoon is a force to be reckoned with, using 5.9km of pipe work which is longer that the length of the Palm
  7. To keep the lagoon clean, the amount of sand filtered into The Ambassador Lagoon is equivalent to the weight of 580 camels
  8. Thousands of moon jellyfish are bred each year in the fish hospital of The Lost Chambers Aquarium
  9. The Ambassador Lagoon, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dolphin Bay, and Sea Lion Point are all accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums
  10. For every marine experience booked at Atlantis, The Palm, 1 USD will be donated to conservation, sustainability, and environmental education initiatives as part of Atlantis Atlas Project
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Atlantis Aquaventure

  1. Atlantis Aquaventure is 22.5 hectares and features three slide towers: Neptune, Poseidon, and Trident
  2. The Trident Tower expansion in March 2021 has increased its size by roughly 1/3 – globally, this was the biggest waterpark expansion in history (in one go)
  3. Atlantis Aquaventure is home to 105 total slides, attractions and experiences, and is known as one of the biggest and best waterparks in the world
  4. The Atlantis Aquaventure beach is just under 1km, with more than 1000 sun loungers available
  5. Atlantis Aquaventure is home to 500 Ellis and Associates trained lifeguards
  6. Atlantis Aquaventure offers 44 private cabanas and premium seating areas, as well as AquaExpress passes that allow guests to skip the queues
  7. Splasher’s Lagoon, Cove, Island and Mountain form the biggest kid’s only waterpark experience in the Middle East
  8. Atlantis Aquaventure is home to more child-friendly slides and areas than any other waterpark in the world
  9. Atlantis Aquaventure is home to several world record-breaking / world first slides for adults and teens, including Odyssey of Terror, the world’s tallest waterslide with a Double TornadoWAVE®, Shockwave, the longest family rafting water coaster in the world, Medusa’s Lair, the longest duelling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster in the world, Blackout, the tallest vertical drop body slide in the Middle East, Aquaconda, the world’s largest waterslide tube, and Poseidon’s Revenge, officially the most frightening waterslide in the Middle East
  10. Other unique features of Atlantis Aquaventure include The Rapids, a network of waterways for guests to travel around the waterpark without ever having to leave the cool water, and Immortal Falls, the first cliff jumping experience in the region
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The Ambassador Lagoon

  1. The Ambassador Lagoon is an 11-million-litre marine habitat, one of the top ten largest aquariums in the world, and the largest open-air aquarium in Africa and The Middle East
  2. The viewing pane into The Ambassador Lagoon is 10 meters tall and 70cm thick
  3. If all the water was drained from The Ambassador Lagoon it would fill 4.5 Olympic sized swimming pools
  4. It takes a team of 45 people to ensure the water is successfully filtered around the clock
  5. The majority of the fish in The Ambassador Lagoon are schools and shoals – any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling, and if the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are schooling
  6. The fish in The Ambassador Lagoon have their favourite dishes – the baby whitetip reef sharks love milkfish, angelfish devour romaine lettuce and bowmouth guitar sharks love blue crab
  7. The blacktip reef shark is the most popular and largest breed of shark in The Ambassador Lagoon – they can grow up to six feet (2m) and weigh up to 270 pounds (123kg)
  8. With many different species of rays in The Ambassador Lagoon, they are a firm favourite with guest
  9. On average 80 guests are lucky enough to dive in The Ambassador Lagoon every week
  10. Immersive marine animal adventures are offered for ages 8-80 years old, from snorkelling to AquaTrek Dive Discovery for first time divers
The Lost Chambers Aquarium_Jellyfish_Child Close Up

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

  1. There are 22 exhibits in The Lost Chambers Aquarium
  2. 28 people are responsible to clean the big tanks and the small exhibits in The Lost Chambers
  3. The Lost Chambers Aquarium welcomes approximately 3,000 guests per week
  4. The Top 3 favourite exhibits of guests visiting The Lost Chambers Aquarium are the seahorses, clownfish and jellyfish
  5. The naughtiest fish in The Lost Chambers are the blue damsels – they are very territorial, and if any other fish comes too close, they will launch and nip at the invader of their personal space
  6. The seahorses in The Lost Chambers Aquarium are mates for life and they enjoy working on their relationship
  7. In the fish hospital, guests can see the various developmental phases of the shark embryo while they feed on their yolk and eventually hatch out of their egg
  8. The Arabian carpet shark, which is native to the Arabian Gulf, is part of a release program at Atlantis, The Palm, and baby carpet sharks are released into the wild every year
  9. There has been successful ray births of six different species at Atlantis, The Palm, including eagle rays, porcupine rays, cownose rays, marble rays, honeycomb rays and cowtail rays – the baby rays are brought into the fish hospital to grow to a safe size to be reintroduced back on exhibit or released into the wild as part of a release program
  10. Underwater Yoga and Pilates are offered in The Lost Chambers Aquarium three times per week  
Atlas Village_Dolphin Swim & Explore_Beach Observer

Dolphin Bay

  1. Dolphin Bay is 4.5 hectares and includes seven interconnected resident pools and three interactive lagoons
  2. This habitat holds more than 26 million litres of water and the finest quality silica sand imported from Saudi Arabia
  3. The residents of Dolphin Bay are all Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) – this species can grow up to 2.6 metres (8.5 ft) long and weigh up to 230 kilograms (510 lb)
  4. There is a total of 45 experienced marine mammal specialists who look after the Dolphin Bay family members – they take daily water samples and blow hole swabs, as well as monthly blood samples and ultrasound scans
  5. Generally, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins are smaller than the common bottlenose and they have a proportionately longer rostrum, spots on their belly and lower sides, and more teeth
  6. On average, a member of the Dolphin Bay family consumes between 5-7 kg of fish per day
  7. Unlike fish, dolphins swim by moving their tail up and down (rather than side to side) and can swim three times faster than humans – a speed of up to 25 miles per hour
  8. The average dolphin species can stay underwater for as long as eight to 10 minutes
  9. The most little-known fact about dolphins is that the fun squeaks and whistles you hear do NOT come from their mouths – but from their blowholes, which also help them to breathe as they cannot do so through the mouth
  10. Although some bottlenose dolphins can reach 40 years of age, their average age is between 15 and 16 years
Sea Lion Point_Sea Lion Discovery_Group

Sea Lion Point

  1. The residents of Sea Lion Point are all South African Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) – this species is found along the south and southwest coast of southern Africa
  2. The term fur seals and sea lions are traditionally used for 15 different species, including the South African Fur Seal from the family Otariidae but people often use the terms sea lion, fur seal or seal to refer to approximately 35 different species that have been scientifically classified in the sub-order Pinniped
  3. Sea Lions are anatomically different from the species referred to as seals – Sea Lions have an external ear, and their flaps and flippers are much longer, which help them with movement on land
  4. There is a total of 45 experienced marine mammal specialists who look after the fur seals at Sea Lion Point – most have degrees in marine biology, psychology and biological science
  5. The Atlantis Marine Mammal Specialists spend nine hours daily working on their relationships with the Sea Lions
  6. On average, the Sea Lion Point family consume between 5-10 kg of fish per day, that’s twice the amount of the 420 guests that dine at Atlantis’ seafood restaurant Ossiano each week
  7. Despite appearing hyperactive and energetic, Sea Lions love a nap, sleeping an average of 17–32 percent of the day
  8. The Sea Lion Point family have favourite dishes, including Herring, Smelt, Capelin and Squid
  9. Fur Seals, like many marine mammals, can see well both above and below the surface of the water – unlike humans, they may not see in colour, but can possibly discriminate colours in the blue-green spectrum.
  10. There are two types of experiences available at Sea Lion Point, a dry Meet & Greet and a wetsuit Dip & Play experience