• The pastry team is one of two F&B departments in the hotel to remain fully staffed and operational 24 hours a day. The other is in-room dining. With such an operation, the pastry ovens have not been switched off since the opening of the hotel.
  • With the manpower of more than 50 skilled pastry chefs, they produce for almost the entire resort operation including outdoor catering.
  • Executive Pastry Chef Patrice Cabannes has recently worked with some of the best names in the chocolate industry to develop a signature Atlantis branded chocolate available in milk, white and two kinds of dark chocolate. The hotel uses 20 tonnes of this signature chocolate a year.
  • The most unusual praline flavours include Earl Grey tea, strawberry and basil, and kalamansi and apricot
  • Did you know pralines are regarded as one of the most difficult items to make in the pastry world and require two days of careful heating, cooling and monitoring to get them just right?
  • Pastry work is regarded as one of the most difficult skills to master for anyone in the culinary business. As much of a science as it is an art, mastering pastry requires more precision, technical skill, and scientific knowledge than any other type of cooking
  • Interestingly, the most requested pastry of the moment is healthy bread. This has seen carrot bread, green tea bread, oats and apple bread and even quinoa seed bread make it onto the breakfast menu at every Atlantis outlet
  • With all pastries and baked goods crafted in house, the team turn out 700 loaves and 7,000 rolls every week.
  • 50,000 pastries are handmade each week by the pastry team.
  • In order to deliver on such a vast amount of orders, the kitchen use 4,000kgs of flour each week, 700 litres of cream, 700 litres of milk and 5,500 eggs
  • Croissants are unsurprisingly the most popular breakfast pastry with 2,500 crescent-shaped classics being served every day. Did you know the history of the croissant goes back to 13thcentury in Austria and began with the nutty and fruit-filledKipferl? The French adapted this and named it for its usual shape and thus the croissant(crescent) was born
  • Cheesecake, tiramisuand chocolate brownies are the bestselling sweets. These are the most ordered desserts both from room service and in the restaurants
  • The most unusual pastry the team creates is chocolate with Japanese Shiso, a juice made from a leaf. This Asian culinary herb belongs to the mint family and looks like a stinging nettle but adds a citrus taste to desserts
  • Chef Patrice recently introduced an extensive selection of sweets free of any raw sugar which are perfect for diabetics
  •  The team also create egg-free desserts suitable for vegans