The 11th edition of Caftan Mazagan


Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort organized the eleventh edition of “Caftan Mazagan” event in partnership with “Mains Blanches” association and “Maison Nelya” that took place on Saturday, January 27th 2024. This exceptional edition showcased the beauty and diversity of the Moroccan caftan with a special focus on strengthening cultural ties between Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the honored guest of the edition. 

 Through “Caftan Mazagan” fashion show, “Mains Blanches” expresses its respect and appreciation for Moroccan artisans, shedding light on their creativity in this artistic field. The event aims to inspire talented youth in the design field, making efforts to provide opportunities for them to showcase their artistic works to the Moroccan and International audience. 

This year is notable as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the guest of honor for this 11th edition, represented by the media personality “Lojain Omar” and the renowned Saudi designer Reem Esailan. This honor emphasizes the importance of events in promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. 

Ten Moroccan designers (Khaoula Regrargui, Hajar Amri, Achraf Addaquir, Btissam Haddad, Senhaji Ouadie, Fatima Ezzahra, Hanane Lasri, Zahra Lamhaoul, Fatima Laghrib, Malika Aakil, Malika Mouzyene) revealed the latest designs and trends in Moroccan traditional fashion and highlighted the diversity and creativity in the world of Moroccan fashion. 

The event was hosted by the renowned Moroccan TV presenter Samira El Beloui and featured performances by esteemed Moroccan artists such as Hatim Ammor, Najat Aatabou and Chouaib Anouar. 

This edition of "Caftan Mazagan" strengthened cultural interaction and reinforced the bond between Morocco and Saudi Arabia, highlighting the role of the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort and its commitment to supporting cultural and artistic initiatives.