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Meet The Man Behind One&Only’s Five-Star Triumphsopens in new window
There are only nine One&Only hotels around the globe. It feels like there are more, though. One of the reasons for this is that their reputation surpasses their actual reach. When travelers have great experiences, word spreads. And that’s been the case with this luxury brand.
These Unique Louis Vuitton Bags Were Inspired By One&Only’s Global Resort Destinationsopens in new window
For many well-heeled travelers, One&Only is shorthand for complete and total escape. The company’s oceanfront resorts from Mexico to the Maldives are the kind of pampering getaways most of us spent lockdown fantasizing about. While jetting off to a One&Only property is still a bit complicated, the ever-thoughtful hosts are offering another one-of-a-kind delight that doesn’t require a passport: a collection of vintage Louis Vuitton bags custom-embroidered to celebrate each of One&Only’s destinations
One&Only Resorts Continues to Evolve the Concept of Ultra-Luxuryopens in new window
“We are extremely proud in saying we’re very courageous in our approach. When the masses are going this way, we’re going that way,” Zuber tells us. “We have an approach which is very, very special to our business. We really want to be very unique. It’s in the name itself: One&Only. With any new project we have in our pipeline, we’re always starting with a white page.”