Bab Al Shams Unveils a Desert Wellness Sanctuary

Harnessing the healing energy of the desert and harmonising the mind, body and spirit


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (9 October 2023) — Nestled within the tranquil golden sandscape, the new Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam is an oasis of serenity that embodies a profound commitment to holistic wellness. The Spa & Hammam offers a transformative journey into Arabian healing traditions, where body, mind, and spirit converge harmoniously.

Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam is a holistic sanctuary that embraces the multifaceted dimensions of wellness, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Here, guests are encouraged to embark on a profound voyage of resonance and rituals, immersing themselves in treatments and therapies inspired by Moorish traditions and drawing strength from the surrounding dunes.

Encompassing over 18,000 square feet of resplendent space, this sanctuary thoughtfully caters to both men and women, ensuring privacy and discretion at every step. It boasts four multi-purpose single rooms, complemented by two VIP couple suites, steam and sauna rooms, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

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With sustainability at the core of our ethos, Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam curates experiences that engage all the senses in collaboration with eco-conscious brands dedicated to natural, organic, and sustainable products. This includes De L’Arta, Bamford, Whind, and Maison d’Asa.

The homegrown De L’Arta will offer signature facial treatments that harness the power of UAE's native reservoirs rooted in meticulous research and development. Their intelligent plant-based compounds, sourced sustainably, include a remarkable desert plant native to the UAE, known for its extraordinary ability to thrive in the harshest environments. For those seeking transformative healing journeys, Bamford, one of the UK’s foremost sustainable pioneers, offers energy treatments and revitalizing rituals, marking its Middle East debut at Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam. Collaborating with the award-winning Moroccan-inspired skincare brand Whind, the spa unveils two signature facial treatments that unlock the unique 'chemistry of glow.'

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At the heart of this sanctuary, the rituals of the Oriental Hammam take centre stage, enhanced by a signature experience crafted in partnership with Maison d’Asa. This immersive journey whisks guests away to Morocco, delving into time-honoured practices that include sand bathing within decadent quartz and oud, the indulgence of warm black soap, and a rejuvenating neroli Rassoul mask, all culminating in an Argan therapeutic massage. The senses are enraptured with an Arabian oud facial in an ultra-traditional experience.

Complementing these timeless wellness offerings, Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam features state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Expert-led classes are enriched by mindfulness activities that restore balance and clarity and a peaceful courtyard adorned with a tranquil plunge pool.

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The sanctuary is an invitation to embark on an extraordinary holistic journey where nature, tradition, and contemporary luxury harmoniously converge, ensuring a departure infused with relaxation and a profound sense of renewal. Discover a recharged and uplifted spirit at Bab Al Shams Spa & Hammam.

To make a reservation, book online or call +971 4 809 6100.


Bab Al Shams Desert Resort is the original immersive desert experience in Dubai, owned by the Meydan City Corporation. The property, which was launched in 2004, is located 45 minutes from Dubai’s city centre, in close proximity to off-site attractions like the Al Qudra man-made lakes and scenic cycling and camping spots, offering guests peaceful seclusion and an authentic elevated Arabian desert experience. Arabic for ‘Gateway to the Sun’, Bab Al Shams features 115 lavish rooms and suites accompanied by redefined dining and eclectic entertainment. The iconic architecture, inspired by a traditional Arabian fort is home to an array of desert adventures including breakfast on hot air balloons, horse-riding, camelback trekking, falconry, nature tours to Al Marmoom and much more.

As part of the Rare Finds collection, a series of hospitality addresses bringing forward the essence of a place and promising soulful experiences, the resort preserves its legacy as the longest running desert escape in the UAE. For more information, visit www.


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