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One&Only Palmilla-a luxury seaside escape that sits at the edge of the Baja Peninsula, where golden desert sands meet turquoise waters.
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When your spirit needs recharging and your chakras are all out of whack, head to the rugged Mexican coast for shamanic healing, mindfulness and emotional harmony.
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As we begin our tour of the 250-acre property, I notice towering archways, the patter of an ornate fountain, palm shadows on whitewashed walls, saltillo terracotta tiles. History is inscribed on the walls: the resort was built in 1956 as a 15-room retreat for Don Abelardo Rodriguez, son of General Abelardo Rodriguez, the former president of Mexico. Walking ahead, with the Sea of Cortez stretching before me, I finally get my bearings. This isn’t a lone island; this is Baja California Sur; this is Mexico.
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I’ve come to understand that most vacations do not offer the relaxing escape they were intended for. There are just so many decisions to be made. First, there’s the itinerary development phase: poring over friend recommendations and Yelp reviews in order to avoid dining or staying at charmless tourist traps. Then, when you land, you have to navigate the transit system or chaotic taxi stand to reach your out-of-the-way accommodations. The rest of the time is spent ensuring that your days are filled with enriching activities, so you feel like you’ve really made the most of it.